State Awards

Awards at State are determined by the Minnesota State USAG Board and are subject to change in 2021.

TEAMS (Tentative):

Banners awarded to 50% of the teams (of 3 or more gymnasts) up to 10th Place, whichever comes first.

The team awards for each level will be awarded at the last session for that level. All previous competitors are encouraged to attend.

INDIVIDUALS (Tentative):

Athletes are sorted in DOB* order and put in age groups of roughly 20: JrA, JrB, JrC, JrD, SrA, SrB, SrC, SrD, etc.

Each level has 3 or 4 age groups per session. 

*DOB 'as of date' for each level is as follows:

LEVEL XCEL L6 & L7 L8 L9 & L10



Last day of Regions

April 25

Last day of Regions 

April 4

Last day of Regions 

April 18

Last day of State 

March 21


Individual Medals Awarded as Follows (Tentative):

No. of Gymnasts Individual Events All-Around
1 (none) 1 Medal
2-10 1-3 Medals 1-6 Medals
11-20 1-6 Medals 1-10 Medals
21-30 1-10 Medals 1-10 Medals
Tie: Medals awarded for placement of tie. Example: 2 way tie for second. We will issue 1st place, 2 second places, NO third place. Then issue 4th - 10th places. IF there is a tie for 10th, we will issue all athletes 10th place medals (or as noted above).Maximum number of gymnasts in each age group is 24.