State Awards

Awards at State are determined by the Minnesota State USAG Board.



Banners awarded to 50% of the teams (of 3 or more gymnasts) up to 10th Place, whichever comes first



No. of Gymnasts Individual Events All-Around
1 (none) 1 Medal
2-10 1-3 Medals 1-6 Medals
11-20 1-6 Medals 1-10 Medals
21-30 1-10 Medals 1-10 Medals

Tie: Medals awarded for placement of tie. Example: 2 way tie for second. We will issue 1st place, 2 second places, NO third place. Then issue 4th - 10th places. IF there is a tie for 10th, we will issue all athletes 10th place medals.

Maximum number of gymnasts in each age group is 24.