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Athletes must qualify in at least one sanctioned meet in 2019-20 competitive season at the level wishing to compete at state. Qualifying scores must be sent to the state statistician prior to the state meet.



Qualifying Scores

To State 

Qualifying Scores

To Regions




6 - 8



34 9.0

9 - 10



 34 9.0




 34 9.0

Platinum & Diamond



 33.5 9.0

*IES - Individual Event Specialist - Declared to be a specialist prior to entering State Meet and enters 3 or less events.

Note: Qualifying scores to State may be achieved at any Sanctioned meet with rules appropriate to the level. For example, a level 8 gymnast cannot use scores from an open optional competition. ​When sending in your state meet entry form you must include a photo copy of sanctioned meet results showing that each athlete has obtained the state qualifying score. The last date for a qualification score may be no less than 14 days prior to the day of the State Meet (2 weekends before the state meet which sometimes means 13 days rather than 14), March 8, 2020.

Entry Fees: 

    • $75 XG
    • $85 XP, XD, Optionals
    • Team Fee is $40

Entry Deadline:

Reservations, level changes, additions and cancellations close at midnight, March 8th

All changes/cancellations received by midnight, March 8th will automatically be refunded

COACHES: You MUST edit your roster through USAG as we 'sync' with that system for any changes


Checks must be postmarked by March 9th, due March 11th

All past due entries will be assessed $15 late fee per athlete

Checks payable to: Twisters Inc

Mail to:
Mn State Meet 
c/o Twin City Twisters 
9001 – 123rd Avenue North 
Champlin, MN 55316

Phone 763-421-3046, fax 763-421-1448 

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