2020 Results

Please Note: To keep the integrity of the Awards Ceremony, all live scoring will cease after the 3rd rotation. Final results will be posted after Awards concludes.

Due to CDC & MDH guidelines, this years awards will look a little different than in year's past.  Podium's will be removed.  Instead, we will ask teams to sit together on the floor (with masks) and we will social distance teams from one another.  All-Around & Team awards will be handed out in a pop-up fashion with awards being brought to the gymnast rather than the typical line up on a podium.  Event awards will be given to a coach or team representative to be handed out as your coach sees fit.  We are excited to celebrate everyone's accomplishments but have guidelines with which we need to work within.  We look forward to celebrating with you all!

Team Results:

Banners are awarded to 50% of the teams (of 3 or more gymnasts) up to 10th Place, whichever comes first.

The team awards for each level will be awarded at the last session for that level. All previous competitors are encouraged to attend. No admission required.