Schedule: TBD

The schedule is determined by the Mn USAG Board and will be randomly drawn on March 11th. We will then compile and produce the schedule as quickly as we can.

Tentative Schedule, order to be determined

Friday Diamond (1), Gold (1) Level 8 (3)
Saturday Gold (4) Level 9 (2), Level 10 (1)
Sunday Level 7 (2.5) Level 6 (1.5) Platinum (4)
(#) signifies the number of sessions anticipated  

How this process works for each level:

  • Athletes are sorted in DOB order and put in age groups of 20-24: JrA, JrB, JrC, JrD, SrA, SrB, SrC, SrD, etc
  • These age groups are then randomly slotted in the sessions above
  • Once athletes are assigned a session, their competition order is randomly selected
  • Final Rosters will be emailed to coaches so everyone knows the age breakdown and competition session

Graduating Seniors

Please fill out this short questionnaire by MARCH 1 to be included in our Program.

Click HERE

Parking Note:

Please allow yourself enough time to find parking. There are several other events at the Convention Center this same weekend.